What are the advertising options outside and inside Red Bus buses?

The easiest way you can connect with your customers is by placing your message where they spend significant part of their time – on the road. Bus ads dominate daytime advertising, offering high visibility at an easy-to-read eye level, generating a tremendous number of exposure opportunities that far exceed electronic and other print media for the same money invested. You can also reach specific audience, by using our itinerary buses.

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Formats of advertising

Ads on RedBus bus exterior.

Ads on buses are the mobile billboard. Our posters are mounted at eye level for maximum visibility by car traffic and pedestrians. Transit displays go where people live, work and play. They reach all income levels from the CEO to the assistant’s assistant – providing total market penetration that often cannot be reached by traditional media. Buses travel regularly scheduled routes through most geographic areas that includes commercial, industrial, large and small shopping malls, entertainment centers as well as urban and high income suburban areas.

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Ads inside RedBus buses

Ads on a front seat backrests.

They carry more detailed information and the passenger has the opportunity to read the more detailed message. Suitable for logo, slogan or Your trade-mark advertisement.

Video-ads on inside monitors, located in front of bus panel and visible for all passengers. This type of advertising attracts maximum attention. The most popular topics among passengers are cinema news, upcoming events, news, etc.

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